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st. helena. it's tracking weather conditions for you and it will be watching any weather as this develops. we'll keep an eye on this. the thunderstorms possibility will be diminishing. i'll let you know whit will be safe to put umbrellas away. >> and there is major news in a murder case. >> police arrested two people driving a mufrd murdered hercules woman's car. >> police say they were wanted in a violent west coast crime spree that began in southern california a man broke out of jail in august allegedly with his wife's help. >> and we're live in hercules with more on this big break in the case. >> i have the latest here combining information from washington as well as hercules police. today we know that the police stopped a man and woman who as you said were driving a murder victim's car. and the couple believed to be responsible for a crime spree
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starting in southern california. and there blue subaru station wagon belonged to suzy ko was stolen from her home, she was found stabbed to death in her front entry pri night by neighbors. the crime spree started when the 25-year-old woman suspect tonya washington helped her 24-year-old husband escape from san bernardino county jail august 28th. the pair shot and wounded a sheriff's deputy who stopped the vehicle later, they escaped armed with a shotgun in, seattle, this morning deputies say the suspects rammed into their patrol car and sped away after a stop for a stolen plate after a pursuit, be police took them into custody at gun point. the suspects may be responsible for other crimes and they're in the king county jail tonight. police are anxious to interview the couple about the possible murder of suzy ko.
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>> we know they were in the stolen vehicle and there are people we do want to talk to. if they're not the suspects hopefully they can give us information that will lead us to the suspects. >> and in that pursuit two, suspects are on the way to washington state and this is to interview law enforcement and hopefully this couple and will be looking at whether or not they have a connection and there are police saying they've notified the family about the developments and there is more for you as this story unfolds in hercules. >> thank you very much. we're going to shift gears and want to talk about playoff geefr. there is about 15 minutes ago in cincinnati. they struggled through first
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three games and not today. there is a first of three giant home runs there is the team forcing a game three here on the west coast. there is live team coverage. >> that is right. there is across the paul park, fans are gone but what an afternoon it was. there is to come from two games to winning two games i tell you, people are believing again. some having a late lunch. some got off work early and here into the 7th or 8th
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inning. there is fans talking about how they needed more runs. there is today they delivered and people are optimistic and talking world series. >> and i thought they would win and this is going to be fantastic. >> this is good for business, good for everybody. >> and they can do it tomorrow, to you have faith? i have faith. and there is the game starting at 1:07 eastern time in cincinnati meaning that we'll
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watch at 10:07 f you know of a breakfast place, let me know. i'm not sure if this pedro's can tina is going to be open at 10:07 in the morning. >> and the tail gating is reaching a fever rich in oak reasoned now there is athletics getting ready for a do or die game. there is signs in the car and everybody. >> what is that letter? >> a's for a ease. >> what are they going to do? >> win. >> and there is a game sold out. several people showed up with wrong tickets and there are tickets should say division series home game, two.
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someone not going to need a ticket is abc 7's mike shumann live with a's hoping to do what giants just did today. and shu, fingers crossed. exciting. >> you called it. game four and there is a must win or they go home. there is a drama kings. and there is fans starting to pile in. and a's have 12 rockies on this team. there are three starting in this series. there is tommy malone, game two and there is talking about just that before the game. >> there is a hum that we count on here. and this is certainly not
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pitching like rookies. >> there is how this team can battle in this road z how we've had stuff thrown at us. this the first day we've had backs on the whale. -- wall. >> there is 6:37 first pitch. with aj griffin on the hill. who is going win tonight? >> a's. >> and and you look good in them. >> and reporting live and thank you very much. >> there is great fan photos. this young fan looks concerned about the team. there is a it worked out okay. check out this fan.
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that is ky coolly z this little girl is the epitome of a bay area baseball fan. how about that hat? she's torn between a's and giants. >> and there is a san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi going to be heading back to the board soon. today he met with his staff and he's on three years probation undergoing 52 weeks of domestic violence program and the mayor says actions make him unfit to police crimes he will face as sheriff. >> this is where we will not tolerate abusers. and that is what we've attempted to do. >> i absolutely want to reach out and plan to in a direct and personal way with any
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leaders in this domestic violence community and anyone else who may have dults. >> he needed three supervisors to side with him in order to keep the job. occupy movement marking a one-year anniversary with messages about the economy and protests sometimes turned violent. abc 7 news is joining us live. >> good evening, you can see two dozen people turned out to mark the anniversary of a movement this is the way they've chosen to mark the anniversary of the occupy oakland movement. there is a year ago today they started camping out at frank
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ogowa plaza. the cents would come down, peaceful participants took a back seat to demonstrators and city hall and businesses were once again the target of pro testors breaking windows. some acknowledge there was a cause behind original movement. >> i hope people continue to speak about these things and not just forget when the new line up comes on. >> and i wish this message would be more peaceful. and this is my city. i love this city. and. >> this group started a year ago has not gone away but have lost some numbers, today they plan a birthday party here.
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>> there is a business that had been the target in the past are now boarding up windows and we can see police departments officers standing by and there is tents that went up became an eye sore to people who live and work downtown. they tell us for now they're going watch to see if nilg anything happens. and should anything happen they will make a move. >> police are stand big for another group of folks gathering now there is video of the scene there is a after a rally the group plans to march throughout the streets and take over a vacant building in the mission district. there are accusing land lords
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of keeping buildings vacant. >> if you're looking for a job there is encouraging news. dozens of job seekers turned out for today's california job journal hire event in emeryville able to talk with employers and there are hundreds of jobs being advertised from accountant to web programmers. some say the key is learning new tasks. >> there are a lot of jobs but based on if we're willing to be flexible to take on new jobs. >> there is a next event from 12 until 4:00 and this is going to take place in concord. >> and still to come a major warning for anyone who
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replaced their air bag autos and a smart phone now using face troigs let you sign in. >> and there is an eye on thunderstorms. there is sandhya patel hoob here with the latest. the news continues in one minute.
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business owners kef stated after a fire gutted a strip mall there are crews working on the fire more than two hours, one firefighter suffered a cut ask residents of a apartment building were evacuated as a precaution and there are two businesses in antioch raising money to build
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a haunted house. a 14-year-old and 17-year-old were arrested on suspicion of starting the fire. it will be neld a warehouse on west 10th street. >> there is water service should be restored for residents who have been without their water all day long. this is between market and 18th tleet. this is a hassle for them. and the cause is still being investigated. >> there is a strong warning for drivers replacing air bags in their cars. >> there is frightening and amazing. authorities say thousands of drivers may be using fake air bag that's will not protect them during a crash. this shows how they failed to
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inflate and there is in one case, firing out shards of plastic. and. >> there are air bags that don't work. they aren't going to save new an accident. they're a fraud and a laimpker from start to finish. you don't want them in your car. >> officials say they were installed by independent shops and not aunlorized dealers. and there is where i've posted the link on abc 7 >> and here is a cool new start phone feature, you can unlock your an droid phone just by looking at it. there is where you can hold it up, the front facing camera can be trained to recognize you. and there is some saying it
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doesn't work and this is fun to tryout. if it did work, it would be nice. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and sandhya patel is back now with our accu-weather forecast. >> this is a expiring at 5:00 p.m. we're seeing some other development. there is so far 161 lightning strikes and there is two inch deep hail reported near gilroy there is also 71/100ths of rain in gilroy. there is is a look at live doppler 7 hd. getting closer here there is a strong cell developing right now, suck see this so there is
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expected to move west and there is this area may be seeing heavy rain and hail. so be aware of that. and there is coming up from the south moving westward. there is heating from the sun and there is some lightning strikes dying down. we're keeping in a threat of thund skbrer rain into the forecast throughout the evening. there are temperatures into 50s to 70s, highlights, scattered showers south tonight. sprinkles possible thursday through saturday. and there is a warmer pattern beginning on sunday z first thing in the morning may see damp roadways due to sprinkles. temperatures upper 40s to mid-50s and there is a system
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sitting off the coast for a long time now that is starting to move south this is for the time being you can get moisture wrapping around that area of low pressure we can see a few light showers that develop into friday morning. this system we're watching heading into friday. so we'll call it mostly cloudy, possible sprinkles. there is 59 in half moon bay. yulg see 64 degrees in oakland there is cloud cover towards south bay and around the bay. 61 in monterey. there is a look at the accu-weather forecast. mostly cloudy skies tomorrow, cooler friday partly sunny there is a possibility of sprinkles and a chance of showers into the north bay
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saturday morning and there is sunday, mid-60s to low 80s and a warmer pattern inland. there is these people that want a chance. winner announced after the game on abc 7 news october 18th. you can enter, too. you can click the win $49,000 button. you can enter your details in there. so best of luck, someone is going to win. >> still to come, reading food labels. a big difference it could make in amount that you weigh. >> and then, car of the future
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here, now. there is a collaboration between silicon valley and a top
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sudden oak death disease spread into many more parts of the bay area, uc berkeley scientists found 376,000 northern california oak trees died from the pathogen in contrast to 38,000 from a previous year, also moving into new areas such as golden gate park. scientists say a wet spring helped contribute to the spread and that killed inner layer of the tree. homeowners are urged to check for leaf plants such serving
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as hosts for ts disease. >> there is a study suggests doing reading the store could make a difference. researchers say women who read labels weigh nine pounds less than women who don't read food labels. for men they weighed only one pound less. and also found being married and having a college education increases lakely hood a person will read the label autos you can work out while reading. too. >> and there is a big playoff hit. barry zito. >> yes.
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coming up at 6:00 a little relief at the pump and how much prices dropped today and how long it could be until they come down.
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and also, cured meat movement. how you can get in on it and make your own salami. >> thank you very much. >> and a giant scooter made it to almost every corner of san francisco tonight. extending hours for fans to watch the home team play the reds. >> good stuff. today's showing courtesy of barry skpeeto and his team. >> yes. he worked out last minute plans so guests can see him take the mound in that game. >> the staff were fast to stream the game live. >> guests eating could watch the game right up to the final moment. it was a great gesture and a great time for them. >> great game, oh, my goodness. >> go, a's. >> all right. that is going to do it for us for how. world news is coming up next. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching.

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